2020 Vision : Security Predictions


Summarised into global security and technological predictions we take an overview of the trends and forecasts for 2020:


Global Security:

New Cyber Wars.  Cyber-attacks will become more common between smaller countries with the superpowers of the US and China continuing their technology wars.  Western and Eastern areas will be seen to separate their technologies and intelligence.

More fake news.  AI will be increasingly used to promote and distribute fake news; we saw a surge of fake news during the 2016 US elections and this is set to reoccur during the 2020 elections.

Utilities in the spotlight.   The NHS has been heavily targeted – a trend we will see set to continue as critical services are increasingly at risk due to legacy technology opening vulnerability gaps.

High profile brands under attack. Big brands operating e-commerce businesses will be targeted in campaigns that will at best cause disruption and inconvenience for staff and service users.

Privacy regulations cause gaps. The last 18 months have seen much legislation within commerce – mainly aimed at data and privacy.  Organisations have struggled to adopt stringent policies and will call on the government to relax protocol causing vulnerabilities.


Technological predictions:

Beware of the ransomware.  Attackers are now spending more time, money and resources in researching specific targets for a new wave of ransomware.  The intention is to ensure maximum disruption and big pay-outs.

Phishing goes mobile. We can expect to see phishing attacks on mobile networks in the form of SMS in attempts to extract personal information from potential victims.

Cyber insurance goes large.  As risk and awareness of risk continue to make headlines insurers will sell more policies, companies are urged to pay ransoms as a cheaper and less disruptive alternative to recovering from a full-on attack.  Of course, ultimately this will lead to more instances and higher premiums over time.

IoT increases risk.  The 5G roll up continuing throughout the UK will mean more and more IoT devices in our homes and workplaces. As networks and cloud usage grow so will the vulnerability gaps associated with IoT.   

Confusion about the cloud.  Data data everywhere – especially the cloud!  Although data migration is a simple process, maintaining security in the cloud.  Organisations will need to rethink their processes and approaches to cloud apps.


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